About TaSuBa

Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) is a product of the Bagamoyo College of Arts (BCA) and, this can be traced from 1962 when for the first time in the history of by then Tanganyika, the Ministry of National Culture and Youth was established. The need for training in arts was recognized since 1971 under the Ministry of National Education. This led to the establishment of Bagamoyo Collage of Performing Arts. Between 2003 and 2005, BCA became fully registered with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and from there BCA developed a competence modular based curriculum which has been accredited by NACTE. Towards the end of 2005, a decision was made by then Ministry of Education and Culture, that BCA be transformed into an Executive Agency as part of the government’s Public Service Reform Programs and, therefore Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) was established on 2nd November 2007 by Government Notice No.220 according to the Executive Agencies Act No.30 of 1997.

The main functions and objectives of TaSUBa are to develop and promote Tanzanian arts and culture and impart knowledge of the same to existing and future generations. The specific objectives of TaSUBa are as follows;
  1. To provide high quality training in arts and culture.
  2. To provide consultancy services in arts and culture.
  3. To conduct research activities in arts and culture.
  4. To produce arts and culture products
  5. To facilitate an efficient and effective management of the Institute resources.
  6. To provide other services such as conference facilities and accommodation to clients.

To conduct training, research and consultancy services in arts and culture as well as producing arts products.

“To be a dynamic arts and culture training centre of excellence in Africa”.

The core values of that are fundamental to the institute’s identity and provide the foundation for its practices so as to attain its set objectives are as follows; performance oriented, excellence in service, innovativeness and creativity, professionalism, integrity, transparency, accountability, and customer focus.


This department has the following sections

  1. Drama
  2. Dance
  3. Music
  4. Acrobatics
  5. Fine Art
  6. Social Science
  7. Film and TV production
  8. Music and Sound production
  9. Media and Design

This department has the following sections
  1. ICT
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Information
  4. Marketing
  5. Human Resources
  6. Administration

Our organisation has only three main units, namely:-

  1. Procurement
  2. legal
  3. internal Audit

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students, who serves as a bridge between the institute and the students’ democratically elected government, the Umoja wa Wanafunzi wa TaSUBa (UwaTaSUBa), oversees the student’s welfare (personal, social and spiritual). The office is also responsible for disciplinary matters pertaining to guiding students’ lives in pursuit of their transformation into lifelong learners. Through UwaTaSUBa, the Dean helps the administration to ensure high standard of students well being during their stay at the institute in the areas listed below.

The institute provides accommodation to a limited number of students at Main Campus. Since in campus accommodation is limited, students are encouraged to stay off campus.

Medical Services
The institute is nearby Bagamoyo District Hospital and therefore cases requiring specialist attention are referred to the Hospital.

Games and Sports
The institute Main campus has facilities for games and sports such as football, netball, volleyball, and long tennis. Full participation of students in games and sports is highly encouraged.

Catering Services
TaSUBa main campus has a catering service (Cafeteria) which offers their services to customers (mainly staffs and students) at a very reasonable and affordable price.